Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We have just returned from St George where we went for our annual Easter trip. Easter holidays during my whole life have been spent in St George with all my extended family. Last year we didn't get to go down, so this year I was really excited to share this tradition with Jack. We normally go to a place in Snows Canyon (the same place every year) and have a big lunch, hike hills, play baseball and horseshoes and just hang out. Most of the time, this is cut short because of weather, but this year it was perfect and we spent several hours there. Jack just loved the sand, the Easter egg hunt, and hiking a big mountain with my dad. After the lunch and fun in the sun, we headed back to my Grandmas condo and went swimming, had naps (Jack) and Jason and I went running. It was a beautiful day!
Jack enjoyed his Easter basket and dying Easter eggs with me. We went out to dinner (all 38 of us) and watched a couple of movies. I always enjoy this trip and feel rejuvenated when we get home. I love my family and the closeness and love that we all share! Happy Easter everyone!!

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Kimberly said...

After you climbed that big hill did you "run and jump for glory" or just go "troopin' up the stairs"? Ahhhh the memories. Maybe we'll be able to join you next year. Thanks for the pictures.