Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Biggest Loser!! And other Reality News...

After a dreadful conclusion to "Biggest Loser" last week, we finally get to see who was voted off the ranch. I could not believe that they made us sit through 2 hours of showtime and then we get nothing!! What a joke. I don't know who will be voted off tonight, but I hope that we say goodbye to Maggie... I just love Brittney too much to see her go. Maggie is a little annoying. And if we are lucky enough to say goodbye to one of the boys I hope Roger, Jay or Mark take a hike. I can't stand any of them! I like Dan, even if he is a little cocky, because he is funny... but the others... UGH. Tonight the remaining contestants get makeovers... I always love that! It is fun to see them all fancy, instead of the normal sweaty messes they are. I love this show!!

Also, about another reality show... stay away from "The Bachelor." What a mess all those girls are!! I could not believe my eyes watching that show last night. There was not a classy girl in the bunch. The Londoner should go back to London if those girls are the best the US has to offer! At least he knows trash when he sees it though... He got rid of the worst of them last night.
However, "Dancing with the Stars" looks promising!

Ah... TV!! Where would my life be without it??!

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