Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another First!

Okay, I know I am posting a lot these last few days, but since I use this as a journal for our family I have to write when something fun happens. This afternoon Jack wanted to go outside, but he was pantless because of an accident during his nap. I was down in the family room and feeling kind of lazy so I thought I would try something to see how much Jack understands. I told him to go upstairs and get a pair of pants from his dresser and bring them down to me so we could go outside. He looked at me for a minute and then said, "Upstairs?" I told him again what to do and off he went. I sat down there thinking that there was no way that he would come down with a pair of pants because they were shut up in his dresser. After a minute or so, I heard him coming back down the stairs and clutched in his little hand was a pair of pants!! I was so proud of him, I just cheered and clapped and he looked so pleased with himself! I put them on him (even though they didn't match his shirt whatsoever) and off we went to the park. We had fun on the slides and seeing some baseball players. It was a good afternoon!!

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kristin said...

How did he get the pants out of the dresser!!!! That seems quite impossible for such a youngling