Thursday, June 16, 2016

RUBY LU !!!! 10/25/2015

Our sweet little girl joined our family on October 25, 2015. I had a great pregnancy. They have just gotten better as time has gone on. I only gained about 28 lbs and was able to walk and exercise until a few days before she was born. Now, she is almost eight months old and we sure love her! Her birthday was a great day and everything went smoothly. I chose to have her induced a few days early since she was due on Halloween. They had me on the tentative schedule for the Sunday before Halloween so I woke up early at 6 am expecting them to call me at anytime. I showered and packed and then I sat and I sat and I sat! No phone call! They told me if I had not heard from them by 9 to call, so I called and they said it had been a crazy night and they had a bunch of laboring mothers already there so they would get back to me if/when a room opened up. I asked when my cut off time would be and they asked my doc and she said 1pm. The kids were at my moms house so Jason and I just watched TV and I went crazy until about 1245 pm and I said that they weren't going to call and I wasn't going to have the baby today. Jason was getting fed up with me so he suggested going to get lunch when they called! They said to come right then so we hopped in the car and off we went. We got to the hospital and they had me all hooked up pretty fast and we settled in. Everything went smoothly until Ruby's heart rate started acting up and they had to hook me up to oxygen and turn me on my side and do a few other things to help her stabilize. She ended up stabilizing and then was fine for the rest of the time. I tend to dilate somewhat slowly until the very end and then I go really fast. They checked me at about 930 pm and said I was dilated to an 7 and they said they would call my doc when I was 9. They left and I thought that I would be a 9 really soon, and sure enough about 15 minutes later I threw up which is a sure sign I am getting close. I called in the nurse and she checked me and I was a 10. They called the doc and I had to wait for a few minutes for her to come back (she was on call). My sister and mom were there this time taking pictures and they made me a great DVD of the birth. I wish I would have done that for each kid. Anyway, the doc came and I pushed a few times and out she came. She came out with the cord around her neck which was the reason for her heart rate problem during labor. My doc was great and got her untangled. My mom and Kris loved my doctor and I love her too. She is really great. They gave Ruby to me and she cried for the next two hours! She was 7 lbs 8 oz, the exact weight of Evelyn, and 19 inches long. I loved staying at the hospital with her. We had a lot of visitors, great food and lots of snuggle time. We came home on Wednesday and jumped right back into life. She has molded into our family seamlessly and everyone loves her. I have been especially enjoying her and taking in every moment since she is our last baby. She has beautiful blue eyes, a wonderful smile and a sunny attitude. We love her!! We are so grateful for her in our family and I am sooooooo thankful for these four kids that call me mom.