Monday, August 15, 2011

Jack turns FIVE!

He was our bday boy over a month ago.... but this year was a big one!! I didn't want to clump it into the mass of pictures because this kid is so great and funny, he deserves his own post to mark the occasion.

All year, I said that we weren't going to do a birthday party, but he got invited to a few and he really wanted one so I caved. We didn't do anything super great, but I think the kids all had a great time. On his actual birthday, we made him his favorite muffins for breakfast and hung around in the morning. He didn't want to go to the gym. (I couldn't make him... its not MY birthday)! That afternoon, we met up with some friends at Chuckee Cheese. The kids ran around for a few hours and played all the games they had. I played a few at air hockey. It was a fun afternoon. That night, he had a baseball game and then we went to Leatherbys.

For his party, we invited about 11 kids and had them over to our house for pizza, ice cream, cake, pinata, games and presents. We had a Stars Wars theme and all the kids seemed to like the games. They all loved giving Jack their presents and they crowded around him, almost smothering him.

I love this boy. I'm tearing up a little as I type... he brightens my life, our home, and everyone and everything he is around. He is pretty popular with his friends, because he is such a NICE boy. I hope he holds on to that, because that is one of his best qualities. He cares about people. He is a pleaser. He is a helper. He is a great big brother. He is sassy, but hilarious. He has opinions and he loves learning. He loves reading. He is sensitive. He is a good listener and he wants us to be proud of him. He loves his daddy and looks up to him! He looks to me for approval in everything he does. I love being a stay at home mom because of this. Savannah loves him to death and wants to be wherever he is. He is so patient with her and is a great example. I am a blessed momma to be his. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!!

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