Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Back!!

Man, having two kids sucks all your time. I have a bunch to update on here, but I have kept putting it off to do in one big chunk, but now I think I have too much to update!! I am hoping that the kids stay in "quiet time" for a bit so I can get some of it out of the way. Things have been going great! We are enjoying the lazy days of summer, although it seems like these lazy days are ten times busier than the school days. It is so blasted hot that I am trying to find anything to occupy our time and keep cool so I guess that makes things seem busier. Things with the two kids have been going really well and the only things I am struggling with is finding time to do ANYTHING... trying to keep Jack from harassing Savannah and just trying to find quality time to spend with each child. Jack has been great and is not jealous of Savannah and if anything loves her too much, but he has taken to sleeping in our bed EVERY single night and is starting to get the hint of an attitude. I'm trying different methods and hoping we can break him of these things shortly. We are planning a vacation to Disneyland in September and Savannah is sitting up and starting to eat baby food. Time is flying by!!

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