Monday, January 12, 2009

What Can I Say??

I hope that people are still checking this blog. I know that I haven't posted in awhile and have many reasons/excuses as to why... for example, my camera has about 500 pictures on it that I need to get developed and so I haven't been taking as many pictures lately, and I don't like to blog without pictures... I have been working at Seagull Book on Saturdays for the Christmas season and doing transcription so I don't want to look at the computer anymore then necessary. AND... I can't see. For some reason, my corneas have decided to swell up and obstruct my vision.

But, all of these things are in the process of being fixed... I don't work at Seagull Book anymore. YAY!!!!!! It was nice to have extra money for Christmas, but a real bummer to give up all my Saturdays. I went to the eye doctor last week and am on drops to help my eyes. I can see much better now, but he told me that I can't wear contacts for "the duration of my life." I'm going back in tomorrow though, and am going to try to talk him into it and also check out Lasik. I just don't think that my lifestyle supports wearing glasses all the time. Do you think that will work on him?? :) Finally, I have big plans to take my camera into Walmart tomorrow and develop my pictures so my camera can be used again. In the meantime, I do have some pictures to post and will do that later today, hopefully.

We have been doing very well over the past month. Jack is continuing to talk and dance and bring joy into our home everyday. He is fully potty-trained during the day, and that has been super nice! I am also getting ready to sign him up for school this week! I can't believe it!! He is growing WAY faster then I ever thought possible! Jason is doing very well and his job is starting to pick up a little bit with rates dropping like they are. I am busy reorganizing my house and trying to think of realistic expectations for the new year. I think my biggest goal this year will be to really start organizing my life in the kitchen and start doing better with dinner and meal plans. We are heading to St. George this weekend to run the half-marathon with some friends. We are going to stay with my Grandma and take Jack along. It will be really fun! We need a vacay desperately!

We had a great Christmas season and a wonderful start to this year, so bear with me and pictures and details are coming soon!! Hope everyone is enjoying 2009 so far!

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the peine's said...

Yay you updated!! I'm so glad you had great holidays. I love that you said you have "big" plans to go to Wal-mart! You are cute! Even bigger plans though tomorrow when I meet you & Jack @ the Rio!!!!