Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We are officially ready for Christmas. We got our tree and the rest of our decorations up this weekend. I looove my tree. We found a great deal at Harmons and now my house is smelling like pine trees. I love that! My shopping is all done for Jack... He is going to be one spoiled kid on Christmas morning, but he is so excited about the whole thing that Jason and I couldn't resist buying him some fun things. I have also started my favorite tradition from my childhood with Jack this year. My mom always did an advent calendar for us and every day we had a clue and we had to figure them out and we got a little treat/present. Jack's clues are very easy (where do we keep the milk etc) and he is loving getting up every morning to find his next surprise. I had a lot of fun getting some cute things at the dollar store and he loves everything I have picked out so far. Like I said, he is spoiled! He will have to learn to share sometime but for now this is his year! We are super busy getting everything ready, attending parties, working, sending out Christmas cards and eating. I love this time of year.


Lauren said...

one freaking week until I can kiss his freaking face off.

Katie and Kam said...

Hi, I found your cute blog! If you want e-mail me and I'll send you and invite to ours, it's private.

Jen and her boys said...

I can't believe how big Jack is. You should check out our blog too! Thanks for the card, it is always good to get cards from old friends.