Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am finally getting around to my Thanksgiving post. Unfortunately, we were lame and didn't think to take pictures on Thanksgiving day... oh, well. We had a great day with family and good food. Since we had Thanksgiving in San Diego last year with my family, we joined Jason's family for dinner this year. We had great food and fun. Jack loved the slushie drink that Grandma made and I made our famous "Bacon Water-Chestnuts." It just doesn't seem like Thanksgiving or Christmas without them!

I just have to mention a few things I am thankful for this holiday season...
1- JACK! I can NOT get enough of him these days. He is becoming such a little boy and so much fun. I am thankful everyday to hear him sing, laugh, play and cry! I love everything about being his mom.
2- My hubby, who puts up with endless crazy from me! He is my best friend and such a good daddy. I could not have chosen any better.
3- With the current economic horrors, I am thankful for our house and neighborhood. I am glad that we followed our instincts and moved here when we did and we are so blessed to have such a great neighborhood and house. On that same note, I am thankful for my newish job doing medical transcription from my house. It is a HUGE blessing!
4- Good friends! I have had a lot of good friend time lately! I don't know what I would do without all the ladies in my life, including mom and sisters!
5- Finally, my religion. I have had some really special moments over the last few months and am going into this holiday season with a deeper love for everything that I believe!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


LikeAstaR said...

bacon and water chesnuts sounds yummy! You should share the recipe!! I love this time of year.. it is such a great chance to reflect on our blessings!! I also want to hear more about your stay at home work...

kristin said...

thanks for the shout out to your sisters!