Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jack Starts Swimming!!

His first noodle ride.

His class.

He is only one of three who gets his own noodle.

Water Beds!

Over the past month, I have taken Jack to the pool a couple of times a week. He has really taken to it and loves to swim. He is getting better by the day and I was so excited to have him start swimming. We had already learned a lot of what he would learn there... jumping off the side, blowing bubbles and about two or three days before he started swimming, he was kicking his feet and swimming to the stairs or to me and he taught that to himself.

As I thought, he has loved swimming and it is even better because it is with his preschool teacher so now when he starts that in September he will already know her. He is the youngest in the class, but one of the top three swimmers. He is learning that the water "holds" you if you just relax and let it and he has even done a few knee dives and has jumped off the diving board. He now knows how to swim to the side and reach up and grab and work his way across by holding onto the side. He also knows how to let go with one hand and swim out to his teacher all by himself. The only thing he is struggling with is lifting his head out to get a breath. She taps his head to remind him, but he just keeps swimming until she lifts him out. It has been a lot of fun and I am sad that tomorrow is his last day! I will be practicing with him the rest of the month, and next year he will probably do two sessions! He is such a little fish!

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