Friday, March 6, 2009

Zoe and Jack... Getting Used to Each Other!

We have had Zoe in the family for a couple of weeks now. Everyone is getting along very well. Well, except for the cat... She still seems to be bothered by the whole situation. When we brought Zoe home, I really think she was mad because she didn't sleep with us for about a week. She is back to sleeping in our bed, but I now know where the term "fighting like cats and dogs..." comes from. Zoe has gotten over her fright with the cat and will now jump and swat and sniff, anything to get a rise out of the kitty. It is pretty funny to watch. Yesterday, Zoe had her pinned down on her back... the poor thing is declawed and doesn't have much of a chance to defend herself. Right after that incident, something else happened, but good for the kitty because Zoe left that one wimpering and crying so she must have been taught some kind of lesson. I missed it, but heard the hissing from the other room! Hopefully, they will get used to each other soon! Although, it is hiliarious to watch!

Jack and Zoe are turning into great friends and even when I am frustrated with the whole puppy thing, I can look at them together and be happy that we got Zoe. They will be wonderful companions.

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