Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm Ticked!

Ticked beyond belief at this crazy Utah weather!! As I am sitting here, snow is falling on the the 15th of April. I shouldn't be surprised... It is Utah afterall, but this winter has been more miserable then most. So, I will think about days that were sunny and beautiful and I could actually take Jack outside to play. He loves the park! We go whenever we can and he has mastered going down the slide by himself. He is still scared of the tunnel slides. He knows that he goes "Up the stairs and down the slide." He has tried to get past me on that one, by darting up the slide as fast as he can. But that doesn't work out so he agrees that Mommy's way is better. I am looking forward to the sunny days ahead, if that EVER happens, and many more days at the park!

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