Thursday, April 3, 2008

Funny Story

Last Monday, Jack and I were going to pick up Jason from work. With only one car at the moment, it is a fun duty that Jack and I get to do on a daily basis. Anyway, my sister in law, Shannon, works in the building next to Jason. After we had picked him up, we saw Shannon a few cars ahead of us in the line at the light. She made it through the light before us but we ended up seeing her again at the light to get on the freeway. As we passed her, I honked the horn and told Jack that we were passing Aunt Shannon and to wave at her. Obviously, he did not see Shannon, but he had fun with the game saying... "Shannon... Josh and Shannon, Shannon and Josh, HI, BYE!" You get the idea.

On Wednesday, Jack and I had just dropped Jason off at work and were heading to the gym when some fool cut me off in traffic. I have gotten pretty good about not swearing when that happens since Jack is in the car most of the time, but I still honked my horn at her as I swerved into the next lane. As soon as I was done honking, Jack cried out... "Hi Shannon and Josh, HI!"

Isn't that so cute?! Jack now thinks that honking the horn means his aunt is nearby and the best part is, Jack had no idea that his mommy has a serious case of road rage!! :)

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Kimberly said...

Liked the story. It's a good thing he learned it that way and not the other way around.