Thursday, April 3, 2008

Biggest Loser and Ankle Update!

The girls on the Biggest Loser are kicking some serious butt!! We have FINALLY sent two of the ridiculous "pride brothers" home from the ranch. I was sorry to see Dan go, because although he is arrogant to an extreme, he was pretty funny and as we can all see the glue that held those boys together. He was gone two seconds before the rat Mark was sweet talking the girls to get rid of Roger. But Roger wiggled past in the weigh in, losing 2 pounds. Both the bawl babies (Mark and Jay) gained a pound and Jay was sent packing. Seriously, you would think that those two were being sent to the electric chair or something with the way that they carry on!
Ali has lost the most weight for the majority of the time that she has been back on the show and I think she has a chance to take it all the way! You go girl... can't wait for the finale! I think about gaining 100lbs at times just for a chance to go on that show.
Also, update on the ankle. I have been running on it this week and although it feels a little tight, it is no longer swollen and doesn't hurt when I run. I ran 5 miles yesterday, 4 on Monday and 6 the Saturday before and it felt great! I don't realize how much I love running until I can't do it anymore. Here's to hoping that the 13.1 miles I am going to log on April 19th doesn't do any harm! Wish me luck!

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