Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wheeler Farm, Jungle Jims and A Movie!

In keeping with my "weekly new thing" for the summer, Jack and I have done a few more things. On Friday (last week), Jason and I had no idea what to do and the night was looming ahead of us. We decided to go to Jungle Jims and see what Jack thought of it. It is very cheap... only $5 for Jack and the adults get in free. The rides were fun, but I think that Jack might be a little young for most of them. He did enjoy seeing the sights though and being somewhere new.
This last Friday, I took him to Wheeler Farm. I had heard about some big thing going on there but didn't know if that was really the case or not... I drove by and saw that there indeed was something going on so Jack and I stopped in and walked around for a bit. He loved it! He saw bunnies, cows, chickens, horses and ducks. He ran around and just enjoyed being out in the sun.
On Saturday, Jason and I decided to venture out and see how he would do at a movie. We went and saw Kung Fu Panda, and I am happy to report that Jack did awesome. We bought him a kids meal (popcorn, candy and a drink) and he sat on my lap and watched the whole movie. The movie was cute and funny and the perfect length. Anything longer would have been too much.
It is so fun to introduce Jack to all these new things and to get him out into the world. This week we are going to go swimming!


Carrie said...

Fun weekend...I LOVE Wheeler Farm, call me next time and we'll go! The Farm brings back a lot of memories for me with my kids. We would go and picnic and play for a little's a great place to be! We still need to take our family to that movie...we've been excited about it for a long time...I'm glad you guys had a great time!

Kimberly said...

"Weekly New Thing" That's a great idea. We need to get out more and explore the new things there are in this area.

Erica said...

Finally!!! Maybe it is because I check your blog on a (pathetic) daily basis, but it has been a while since you last updated. It looks like you are having so much fun hanging out with Jack this summer. I need you to email me your new street address so that I can send you a baby shower invitation. Also, do you have Linda's address? Give me a call sometime- we need to catch up!