Monday, May 5, 2008

I Can Cook! It's A Miracle!

Those of you who know me, know that I do NOT cook. I don't like cooking, I hate eating dinner and doing dishes... so that has always amounted to me not cooking at all, unless the meal comes in a package and all I have to do is defrost or warm it up.
In our five years of marriage, Jason has been very understanding of this and has not asked that I ever cook him a meal. He still doesn't, but now that Jack is almost two I can see the importance of family meals and good nutrition and so I am now forced to open a cookbook and try some things out. I have tried a few things here and there, but tonight was my first REAL success... I actually made MEATLOAF! That is like a staple of childhood, and a real sign of motherhood as far as I am concerned. I actually looked up the ingredients, put them all together in a bowl and then let the meatloaf cook for 1 hour. If I can make meatloaf, I can do anything! :) It was great tasting, low fat (recipe from Body For Life Cookbook), and really easy. Hooray for me!!
Also, a pic from Jack putting the clean sheets on our bed. He loves pillows!


Erica said...

isn't meatloaf supposed to be just that... A loaf? Just kidding!! Congrats on your first meal. You've come a long way from grilled cheese in the sandwich maker!

Jordan & Kimberly said...

Erin! That is great. You're a just didn't know it! Now you can have Jordan & I over for dinner & we will bring the Wii.

P.S. I made homemade Cafe Rio Salads on Monday night...they were so tasty! We will have to make them together!

Stephanie said...

Erin, congrats on the meatloaf! They are usually easy to make, but not always tasty! So, great job! I feel the same way you do, about needing to provide my son with good nutrition. Unfortunately, the thought usually goes by the wayside at 6 pm each day and Mason and Dan end up eating cereal! Thankfully they don't complain! I'm also impressed that Jack will eat corn on the cob! He and Mason need to hang out so his good eating habits will rub off!

mmeldrum17 said...

I looks good! You'll have to share the recipe!

Kimberly said...

Did you ever get one of Grandma Hunt's cookbooks? I'll get you one if you didn't. Since you are giving it a try, you ought to learn a few good family recipes.