Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful hubby! Jason had his birthday on Saturday, and I feel a little guilty for how low key it was. He should have taken Friday off of work to make it more eventful. Jack and I tried to make it somewhat special though, on the little money that we had. We bought Jason some badly needed running shoes a couple of weeks ago and he loves them. He says that he feels like he is running in the clouds, they are so soft. Shoes make all the difference. So, that was his big present from me and Jack, but we (I) wanted to do a little something so on Friday we went and bought a bunch of balloons and decorated the house (outside and inside) and made a cake. Refer to my post a few weeks ago about cooking and you will know that this was no small feat and Jason was very surprised to get a homemade cake. The cake turned out beautifully, until it came to frosting. I made two mistakes in that department. First, I let Jack help me, and second I forgot how to frost a cake so it turned into quite the mess, but still tasty. On Saturday, we worked out and did a few chores and then took Jack to the park. Our friends, Shane and Celeste, then took us to Leatherbys for dinner. YUM. Thanks guys! Sunday was spent with family and good food. I think overall Jason had a good birthday. My mom got us tickets to see American Idol on tour in July. YAY!
I love you baby! Happy 31! You are the best and I can't wait to celebrate all your birthdays with you!

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