Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!

Dear Jack,
After Mothers Day yesterday, I just had to take a minute and jot down my thoughts on you since my heart is so full of love. You are such a great little boy! I don't know how I even deserve to be your mommy. (Since it is easier to organize my thoughts, the rest will be in bullet point)
- You are smart, happy, funny and so full of life
- I love hearing you talk
- I love that you love "Dancing with the Stars"
- I love to see you dance
- I love rocking you at night
- I love how friendly and comfortable you are with everyone
- I love seeing you learn new things, I can just see your mind working
- I love to see you on the slides at the park
- I love your hugs and kisses
- I love hearing you say "Please" and "Thank you"
- You love the moon, the kitty, your "B", Nemo, Elmo, the park, eating, talking, balloons, counting, helping with anything, dogs, rocking with mom or dad, your baths, dancing, running, popcorn, corn on the cob, juice, balls, hoops, coloring, etc...

The list could go on. I am just so thankful to be your mommy and am excited for the years to come!

I love you.

Love, Mom

PS: I also love your daddy! Thanks for the massage! He is the best friend and daddy I could ask for.


Stephanie said...

Super cute photo! Jack has your bright blue eyes!

kristin said...

That is a way cute picture. Exact same eyes