Wednesday, March 20, 2013

EVELYN 6 Months

Evelyn is now six months (actually almost 8 now).  She is such a good baby.  Really soooooooooooooo good.  Everyone who meets her thinks she is so cute and good.  She comes with us everywhere because I am still nursing and she is pretty good wherever we go.  She is kind of getting wiggly, but she never fusses or cries unless she is super tired or hungry.  She started teething at six months and now has almost 8 teeth.  She has handled food really well and can pretty much get anything down.  I am nursing her still and still really liking it... I am thinking about weaning and I do want to do it, but it makes me sad to think about.  She is growing so fast and this year will be over before I know it! I think I'll hold on to our nursing sessions awhile longer.  She is getting really close to crawling and started rolling all around (both ways) right around 7 months.  She is a mamas girl, but is pretty happy with anyone.  She is starting to take a bottle pretty well and is a chatter box.  She is already saying things like DADADADA and BABABABAA.  I think she will talk soon. 

I love this baby so much and am so blessed to have her.  She is the kid that is finally making me feel like a real honest to goodness mom.  I feel more at peace with this role since having her and happier with everything.  I love being mom.  I spend a lot of minutes in my day thanking Heavenly Father for this blessing and I have not been as aware of it until now.  Probably the third kid. Probably the fact that Jack and Savannah are so old.  Time goes too fast.  I'm sure it is a mixture, but my sweet baby has just put a magnifying glass on all that is important and I am so thankful for her and all the rest of my rugrats.

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