Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Here I am again.  I just looked over this blog and although I really don't write that much anymore, I am pretty happy with how I have kept up on things.  I recently made this blog into a book and am all caught up in that regard through 2011.  Hopefully, I can keep it going so that my kids will have some memories to look back on.  We are horrible at filming anything.  I need to find a way to fix that because I know I will be sad when I don't have anything to look back on from when my kids are small.  I guess that is why I have so many pictures.  Our Fall and Christmas time was fabulous as usual.  I actually felt pretty organized about the whole thing and felt like we did everything we wanted to do.  I will post a bunch of pictures and talk about each one.  That might be the easiest thing to do...
 Jack was a pirate and has loved the costume since then.  He still wears it a lot.  I'm glad because he couldn't decide forever what he wanted to be so I'm happy he found something he liked. 
 Savannah was supposed to be Tinkerbell, but she kinda morphed into some kind of fairy/princess/butterfly.  She loved wearing makeup and switching up the skirts she wore.  She loved trick or treat and all the parties.  Evelyn was a strawberry and the cutest one I've seen!

EVELYN BLESSING-- We blessed Evelyn in November and it was a great day.  She never ever cries and is the most pleasant baby, but all through her blessing she screamed.  She didn't like all those hands on her head! She was beautiful and one of my favorite things are the flowers that Cindy gets for them to wear.  So pretty and a fun tradition. 

 Here are some Christmas pictures.  We always take our kids to see the lights at Temple Square  and out to dinner.  We went on a warm night and ate at Wingers.  It was fun to walk around and go to the vistors center. 

 Watching the Nativity. 
 Baby bundled. 

 They are the cutest!!!
 Family of five!

Sweet baby girl at over four months old!! Time goes by too fast!
NUTCRACKER-- Jack was in the 1st grade production of the Nutcracker.  It was so fun for him and he loved doing it.  He was a Chinese dancer and did his very best in learning the dance and performing.  He was able to go downtown to see the real Nutcracker and then performed his show 3 different times!

 Random pictures and Christmas Day

 Going to see Santa and get a cookie at Mrs Fields
 Christmas Tree

 Christmas Sunday

 First gifts of Christmas
 Christmas morning!

 New bikes... new clothes for bears... no video games!!!

 AND a NEW KITTY!!!! FELIX! Straight from Santa himself!!

 There he is!!
Savannah taking care of Evelyn! The kids call her Eva!

So, thats been us over the last few months.  I do have more pictures from my phone that I will upload.  I am very blessed and so thankful for these kids and my family and work and friends and home and church and husband and moms and dads... the list could go on!! 2012 was a great year!! New baby, first grader, 2 year old and lots and lots of memories!! I hope 2013 is just as good!

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