Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recap Minus Pictures....

We have had the worst luck with cameras these last six months. It makes it hard for me to blog if I don't have a functional camera because I don't take pictures and then all my thoughts are scrambled and I am left with nothing to blog about! We did finally get a new camera awhile back, but thought it had chargeable batteries and it doesn't so now that we have that figured out, we should be able to get some pictures uploaded this weekend. I am hoping, anyway.

We have had a busy few weeks/months since I last wrote. I'll do a brief summary of each of our developments!

Jason-- He had a very busy two weeks this month. He was called to be the executive secretary in our ward. The stake president told us it would be a busy calling, but so far it hasn't been that bad. Our bishop is really cool and I think Jason likes to be involved in everything. But, it does make for long Tuesdays and Sundays... and Wednesdays because I am in YW and gone so two nights a week is hard. But, he is doing a great job so it'll work for now. :) He also took the GRE for grad school about a week ago. He did really well and got what he needed to get in to his program. All that is left is sending in the application.... we will see what happens! If he gets in... our schedules will be very crazy... he will be in school Tuesday and Thursday nights and probably have bishopric on Wednesdays! He also quit his job about two weeks ago and moved to Backman Title. His good friend, Dave, had quit a few weeks before and they both ended up at the same place. It has been a really good move, but it was a bit crazy because he thought he could get a job there, but they couldn't talk to him until he quit his other job so it was a pretty big leap of faith! Heavenly Father is watching out for us... he quit on Monday, interviewed on Tuesday and started his new job on Wednesday! YAY!

ERIN-- I probably have the most boring life of the four of us. I am training for a duatholon next weekend. My friend enrolled me as a "birthday gift".... yikes. :) No, I am excited for it. I am just not really into racing much anymore. I guess I am not really in the phase of life where it is a priority. I would rather be home with my family. But, once I am there I love it and its always good to have a few hours to myself. I am still working... and that is getting harder. I really can't sit down at my computer during the day anymore so that leaves me with staying up really late... hence the fact that it is 1113 pm as I type. :) I am truly enjoying this time though and I actually looking forward to being even busier as life goes on. (I type this so I can go back and remind myself when it gets really crazy!). I also have a bunch of great friends and I love the fact that I can stay home and be in this great group of women! I love my book club!! It is a highlight in my life!

JACK-- This boy is the biggest nut ever! He has so much energy and he makes me tired just watching him. He has been obsessed with video games lately and it is driving me crazy!! I know it is probably due to the fact that the weather has been so terrible, but that has always been my worst fear... to have a gamer for a child... :) He is getting ready to start soccer on Saturday and we have signed him up for Tiny Tigers... karate moves starting in May. He loves his friends... He is so happy. He is smart. He knows how to work my phone better than I do. He loves preschool and.... is excited to start kindergarten in the fall. I know I said that I was going to hold him back, but his teacher thinks he is ready... I tend to agree after this winter and all of his friends are going. So... his orientation is tomorrow. AUGH!!! I am nervous about it. I'm sure I am going to have to be talked down by my friends. I just really don't want to lose this baby of mine to the world. I love him with my whole heart. He will play Tball in June and start swimming lessons again. We are entering into such a new world for him.

SAVANNAH--- This girl is the best. She is getting to be so funny. She is 15 months old (almost) and walking, talking, playing, copying, learning, loving... the list could go on. She and Jack are starting to play really cute together... the other night they were playing peek-a-boo in Jack's bed and I just watched them laugh at each other. Jack really loves her and she loves him. She still loves me and when I am sitting on the floor she will just run up and hug me. She loves our new kitty and any mention of her can stop Savannah's tears. She says... hello, mama, mmmmaaaa for milk, dada and points to everything. She loves to read and will bring me books all the time. She loves Spiderman and always wants me to put the mask on. She loves when I wear hats and if Jack is wearing a hat she wants one... also a cape if Jack has one on. I was giving knuckles to Jack the other day and in she walked with her hand outstretched for me to do it to her. She loves to eat, especially sugar. If you make faces at her she tries to make them back... I really love her wink.

ZOE and the KITTY--- They love each other... sleep together... cuddle at night... fight, run around the house and scratch in the morning. But, they are pretty good friends.

That's our family in a nutshell. Pictures coming soon.

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amy16 said...

Well, the majority of your bookclub will be there with you on the first day of Kindergarten. You will tear up for a few minutes and then we'll go to breakfast and you'll love the 2.5 hours a day for the next 9 months!