Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Update-- January

What, you may be asking (if you are still reading this, that is), have we been up too lately? Well, I can tell you... not much. We had a fun month of January that went by fast and now we are already into February... soon spring and then summer! I am excited for summer. This awful cold we have going on here is not any fun and I am anxious for the days to get the kiddies outside instead of cooped up in the house all the time.

During January, we decided that Jason was going to go back to school. Well, he decided and I decided to be excited about it! Ever since Savannah was born and in the hospital for a week, Jason has wanted to work in a hospital. Obviously, he is not going to be a doctor or nurse, so he got to thinking about what he could do with the skills and experience that he has. He finally settled on Hospital Administration. He is going to go to Weber and has been up to talk to the admittance rep. They gave him good news and made him even more excited to go. Because he will be getting an MHA rather than an MBA, he can take the GRE instead of the GMAT. Got that? :) Everything we have read online says that the GRE is much more friendly to people that are not math whiz geniuses and since Jason is no math person, he was very excited to have this option. He is studying for it now and hopes to take it in March sometime. I am very proud of him for coming to this decision and being so willing to work hard to achieve it. I think he will be great at this job and it is exciting for our family!

We also celebrated our 8th anniversary. Sorry to report that even though our 7th was spent in the hospital with me having just given birth two days before, our 8th again passed without much fanfare. I have to say, though, that those are my favorite days. I spent the day with Jack on a preschool field trip and lunch at McDonalds. After that, since I was wearing my gym clothes in the hopes of getting a workout in, we went to my moms... baby napped, Jack played video games, and I went on a delicious 7 mile run outside for the first time this year. It was beautiful! We came home after helping my mom with a few things with Cafe Rio and me not having showered yet. Romantic eh? I love that my hubby still loves me even when I am stinky and in a foul mood from not being home all day. I came home to roses, cheesecake and a movie from Redbox. The movie was lame, so after the kids were in bed, we fired up the DVR and watched The Bachelor and ate our dessert. In my mind, a perfect night. I don't know about Jason... :/ We are still planning to go out sometime in the next few weeks to celebrate, but it is hard to get away anymore. :) I just love my hubby. I love that we are such good friends and partners. I love that we can talk and advise and support each other in everything we do. Jason is a great father and whenever I get nervous about bringing Jack up, I am reassured because Jason is his father and I know that he will do anything for him and be the best example. I've loved him from the time I met him (at Wells Fargo in 2000!!!) and I love him more today... almost 11 years later.

We also celebrated Savannah's 1st birthday and she deserves her own post... so that will be coming.

I need to be better about taking pictures and updating this so one resolution is to update AT LEAST once a month this year... also, I need to make my blog into a book. So much to do... so little time.

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