Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life with Baby

Savannah at 3 weeks.

He is so proud. He has also tried to bring her to us a few times. Scary. But as he says, "I am strong and I didn't drop her." Thank heavens.

Tub Time.

It is 351pm and I haven't left the house all day. Which is fairly common these days. Yesterday, I actually left the house for a bit and came home to shower and barely made it out of the shower before needing to get Jack lunch and off to school. Not to mention, feed and dress Savannah as well. Needless to say, I didn't get makeup on or hair done. Today, I am actually feeling quite accomplished because I have...

-- Ran three miles on the treadmill downstairs. Of course, I started and thought I could get it in before Savannah woke up and she woke up 15 min later. I fed her and then she joined me downstairs for the remainder of the run. I was barely at 3 when she started to fuss. At least I got it in.
-- I have showered and did my hair and makeup.
-- Actually managed to get Jack in clothes. He has taken to wearing his jammies ALL DAY LONG EVERY SINGLE DAY. The only way to get him into regular clothes is to fold his jammies up and leave them on his bed with the promise that he can put them on as soon as we return from wherever we are going.
-- Savannah is dressed as well.
-- Laundry folded, but not put away and another load in the washer.
-- Dishes are done and kitchen is somewhat clean.

Having two kids is crazy. It takes all of your time even if you think it isn't. It is. Jack has been a real trooper and Savannah is about the best baby there is. Jack loves her to death and calls her "Little One." He loves having baths with her, feeding her, helping to burp her, and pick out her clothes everyday. I love her so much and enjoy watching her wake up more and more. It will be such a joy to watch Jack love her as she discovers him and the world around her. He will be thrilled to introduce her to everything he loves. My biggest trial in this whole thing is the feeling that Jack is bored or watching too much TV. I am happy that he at least has preschool two days a week and we have gotten to the gym a few times, but most often he is stuck at home. I guess that is just what happens, especially in the winter. But, I am excited for warmer weather and a bigger baby so that we can resume our regular activities. Jack doesn't mind all the time at home. It is his favorite place to be, but I still feel guilty. Hopefully, I can find my groove soon!

So, there you have it. I had big plans to get out and return my running shoes, pick up Savannah's two week pictures, take Jack to buy a present for a bday party at Target. I really thought about it.... Maybe tomorrow.

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Emma said...

erin savannah is the cutest!!! that picture of her and jack in the bath is so cute/funny. and i nearly died when i read he calls her "little one". they are both such little hunts.