Sunday, October 26, 2008

Riding with Witches

All the cute kids posing with the witch that drove!
Cute Meredith and Jack-- maybe a love connection??
Parker and Jack are only 6 months apart. They have fun!
Me and my baby!

Jack is sooo into Halloween this year. It is making it a lot of fun. Last week, for family home evening, we went with our neighbors to Gardner Village to go on a hayride with a witch and have some yummy treats. The place was JAM-packed, but the line for the hayride wasn't bad and the kids loved all the decorations, pumpkins, and of course the witches. The hayride was fun, but I thought it was lacking in the scenery department. You would think that on a Halloween hayride they would take you around and show you something, but instead we got nice views of the parking lot, a field, a wire fence.... etc. The kids liked it though. After the hayride, we went to the bakery and indulged on chocolate donuts, sugar cookies and pumpkin cookies. It was good time had by all!

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