Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Week!

We have had a fun week! Jack is loooving Halloween. He can't wait to dress up like a pumpkin on Friday. He had a taste of it this weekend and loved all the attention... I have to say that I thought he looked pretty cute. Pictures of that coming soon. :) So far this week, we have gone to a party (where I ate brownies that had four sticks of butter in them... that's how good they were), we had a fun FHE with our neighbors and we went to the Haunted Trail by our house. Because I am lame, I only got pictures from our FHE night, but I think I will have more to post this weekend.

FHE was so fun and we are so lucky to have such a great neighborhood to be a part of. We had yummy pizza and carved pumpkins. The Haunted Trail was a hit (especially the donuts). Jack did awesome at the trail and just greeted every scary thing with "Hi, Monster." And his eyes got really huge and cute. He was looking at them hoping that they wouldn't eat him. Tonight we got a pumpkin pizza from Papa Murphys. I'm just glad they made it DeLite... I am IN TROUBLE this holiday season!! I'll blame it on my extra hormones... right ladies?

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Arlene said...

I'll e-mail you your family picture in front of the pumpkin. You'll have to take Jack back over to the Waterfall's in his costume & take more pictures while he is dressed up.