Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Girl Time

My good friend (and gym teacher) Kari talked me into running in a triatholon with her this last weekend. We were originally going to do Ogden Valley, but we decided to make a weekend of it and leave the hubbys at home with the kids. A bunch of our friends from the gym were running in the Kokopelli Tri in St. George and we thought that sounded perfect. My grams was a sweetie and let us crash with her for a few nights, so last Thursday we kissed our "mommyselves" goodbye and hit the road. That night we went and saw "Les Miz..." which was awesome. I forget how much I love the music in that show. Friday we spent sleeping in, biking, and eating a lot of carbs! Our race was on Saturday morning and so we headed out around 6am. Everything went very smoothly and before I knew it we were getting in the water. Kari is an old pro at these races, but I had never swam in open water before and let me tell you... I was just pleading with God to get me out of it alive. I'm serious... I started freaking out in the first few minutes and had to calm myself down... I was okay after about a third of the way through. Then my problem was sticking to the course... I strayed about three times and I am sure that the men in the boat were wondering what I was trying to do... I finally made it to the shore and onto the bike. The bike was great. I didn't know how much I would love road biking, having never done it before. I thought the run would be a piece of cake, but it was in the sand and I wished that I was dead. But, I finished and got my medal... I didn't do to bad and it will make a good baseline to compare with in the future. Kari did fabulous and placed FIRST in her age division!! In fact, most of the people we were with placed in their age groups. (Go 24hourfitness!)
The highlight of the weekend, however, was the precious girl time we were able to have. I don't think we stopped talking the entire trip. You forget, after having kids and a husband, what it is like just to be the girl you were before and it was great to be reminded. I recommend( at the very least)... two girl trips a year for all mommies. It was the perfect escape. Thanks to Kari for being a great friend! And thanks to Jason for holding down the fort while I was away!


Katie said...

Congrats!! That's awesome that you were able to finish the race and are still interested in doing it again. Sam does races, running and biking. I myself have no interest in racing, but I do like being at the finish line to watch him finish.

KatieKaseyBrielle said...

Erin you are amazing!!! I can't believe what a fitness expert you are! I feel like my life is complete with running one marathon! ha! The girl time sounds fun too! Lets get together...someday :-)