Sunday, August 10, 2008

Park City

We have had a fun week, this past week. My friend Kari invited us to come and enjoy her timeshare in Park City with her family. We went up last Sunday and stayed until Thursday. Jason took Monday off, but commuted the rest of the week. We had a great time swimming, running, shopping and eating out. Jack loved being around the other kids. It is so fun to watch him develop socially. We took him on the Alpine slide and he loved it. We had a barbeque and had many hours of fun at the pool. I read two books, one being "Breaking Dawn," which was great!
It was a much needed break. Thanks to the Slade's for allowing us to join in!

PS: The pic of Jack in his slippers is just a random one but so cute I had to include it.

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Camille said...

I love his blonde curls- how sweet!