Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shaving and Bite Marks

Well, the boy has some more battle wounds. First off, my parents have a big tub in their house, and their razors are on the edge of it. Every time we are in there, Jack goes for the razor and I have to take it away. I didn't think that he knew what it even was, but yesterday we went over there and I lost him for a few minutes. I went upstairs, checked every where for him and finally found him hiding in my parents room. He had the razor with him on the floor. I took it away, and brought him downstairs. Only then did I notice that his face was covered in blood! So scary! As you see he had tried to shave and got his first shaving cut in the process. He didn't act bothered at all and never shed a tear. I was okay once the bleeding stopped. Now I think it is funny. When I told Jason about it I mentioned how I didn't think he even knew what a razor was and Jason said that he has shown him how to do it in the shower. Great. I'll have to keep those out of reach in the future!
Also he was bit at the gym again today.... I think I may have to talk to them about getting whoever is doing the biting removed. But... he didn't seem too upset about and luckily it didn't break the skin like the other one did. It looks like he got kissed by me! Poor boy! I have cuddled him lots today!


Erica said...

You totally need to take action against the gym biter! Even if it is just for the sanitary purposes... who knows where that kid's mouth has been.

cindy said...

Oh no!! Poor Jack!!

The gym had better do something about that child!! Is this the same one that bit him before??

Give him a hug and kiss from me!!

Kimberly said...

Horrible! That's quite the bite. I feel so sad for him (and you too).

Kimberly & Jordan said...

Total boy. I hate that he got bit again! Seriously the gym better do something. Unacceptable.