Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well, It is that time of year and like everyone else, I have made a few resolutions going into 2008. I figure that I will share them with all of you, to help me keep them and to organize my thoughts and hopes for 2008 on paper (or computer). First though, I want to say goodbye to 2007 properly.
A lot of good things happened to our family in 2007. We celebrated Jacks firsts... He learned walk, crawl, talk (he now has so many words I lose count), he gave us hugs, kisses and so much love. I think 2007 will always be the year that I learned the love of motherhood and the year that I met the coolest little boy in the world. As for Jason and I, we moved from our first house together to a little bigger one in the center of the valley. I am happy to be back on my stomping ground and so glad to feel settled. Jason's job went really well, and he thinks he is settling into a great career. We were able to compete in a half marathon, I lost 55 lbs (yay!), and were able to start being a little healthier in our eating. I am so thankful for the good year that we had and all the friends and family we shared it with.
As for my resolutions for 2008... they go as follows. (I know one of Jason's).

1- Learn how to cook. Choose at least 2 recipes a week and cook them.
2- Compete in a half marathon in April.
3- Figure out fun things to do with Jack and do something new with him everyday.
4- Read more books.
5- Read my scriptures and other church things more.
6- Save money for Jack every month.
7- Jason is going to compete in a Olympic Triatholon in July. I would be doing it with him... except...
8- Start working on baby #2
9-Potty train Jack
10- Have a fun, satisfying year!

Happy New Year to Everyone! Welcome to 2008!

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