Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Well, we have made it to the five year mark! Jason and I celebrated our anniversary on January 24th. I can hardly believe that five years have come and gone. I love my husband and am so happy to have him in my life. We feel good about the last five years and are excited for the years ahead. We had a fun day. We had my sister Kristin watch Jack and we hit a movie (27 Dresses) and had some good conversation and food at the movie theater. Not as romantic as some anniversaries in the past, but it was perfect because we rarely get out without Jack anymore. And that isn't a bad thing... but we enjoyed talking with each other and I especially liked coming home to a sleeping baby. The only bad thing was that Jack woke up at 645 the next morning so our plans for sleeping in were shot. Oh well. Jason took the day off and we hit the gym and then had some lunch out.
I am mad at myself for not taking a picture but plans are in the works for family pictures in the next few weeks and that will have to do.
Happy Anniversary Jase. I love you!

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