Friday, November 9, 2007

Jacks First Boo Boo

Well, most people who know me well, kno that I can not live without the gym. Since we have moved closer to my favorite place, I can now take Jack at more convienent times and not have to suffer through 545am workouts. We have been going around 9am most everyday and Jack has just loved going to the daycare and playing with all the kids. He had been doing really well, no crying at all, for about 4 weeks until one Wednesday I came to pick him up and he was just bawling. I didn't think anything of it at first... maybe just a bad day. So I take him home and get him in the tub and I notice bite marks on his shoulder. Hmm... I guessed that he took a toy away from some kid and paid the price, but at least the explained his crying. So, I take him again the next morning. I am in cycling, working my butt off and the daycare lady comes in after about half hour. Oh great... noone likes to see her, especially in the middle of a workout. Luckily they came in for someone else. I watched the mom leave and they stood outside talking for a minute and then motioned for me. Yuck. So, I grab and diaper and head out. They say to me... a little girl has just bitten your son right above the eye. Now things are coming together. Oh, I say... she must have been the one to bite him yesterday too... Surprise all around at the mention of another bite. So, I go down to check on Jack, thinking that they will be right behind me. Jack is a mess and won't let me put him down so I head back up to get my stuff, with him in tow, and the other mom has just gone back to class! I was so mad! She should have had to go and take her daughter out of there. Instead I am taking my maimed child home and I miss half my workout! What a day!
Jack healed quickly and has returned to loving the gym with me everyday! But what a crazy experience!

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